"Master Duffy and Kristin are quite the pair! They provide a safe and nurturing environment for me to learn how to defend myself. I have severe PTSD from years of domestic violence and I NEVER thought I would ever be able to learn how to defend myself. Thank you so much for your support and teachings." 

~ S.S. (El Jebel Student)

"I really like the way Master Duffy teaches. He is fun and engaging." 

~ GWS Student

"Training with Master Duffy has allowed me to process my domestic violence trauma on a whole new (and deeper) level. It's hard to explain in words, but overall, I feel more empowered, safe, and stronger! Thank you, Sensei!"

~ C.C. (El Jebel Student)

"My children actually offered to help me with chores this weekend! Whatever you are teaching them in class, please keep it up! Thank you, Master Duffy!" 

~ Basalt Middle School Mother

"I learned so many great self-defense techniques this month. I appreciate how easy small circle jujitsu is to learn." 

~ Student (Aspen Women's Self Defense Seminar)